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More Than 100 Global Cage-Free Commitments

Proof that our work to protect animals has an effect on a global scale: More than 100 companies have committed to end the use of caged eggs – not in one country or one continent but worldwide.

Companies are leading the way

In total, our allies at the Open Wing Alliance and us have already convinced more than 2,100 companies to stop the caging of so-called laying hens – and each of these commitments is a success for countless hens! Of particular importance here are the more than 100 companies that are willing to bring about positive change to every henhouse in the world from which they obtain animals.

While the caging of hens in the egg industry will soon be completely banned in Germany, the curious and social animals still have to live crammed into cages in many other places. These are so cramped that the hens can hardly move. They chafe their wings on the walls of the mesh cages, destroying their plumage, and twist their feet getting caught in the mesh floors.

Through the participating companies, our demands to abolish the agony caused by cages also reaches countries where animal protection has only played a minor role so far. The egg industry in countries such as Serbia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam and Russia has thus been forced to »produce« cage-free eggs for the first time. Also, by demanding cage-free eggs, companies have a positive impact on the willingness of governments to change the according political and legal frameworks. Even in Germany, the banning of cages only became possible when the economic end for cage eggs was already in sight.

Animal protection work pays off

The more than 100 global commitments to end caging in the egg industry come, for example, from food companies such as Nestlé and Unilever, the largest restaurant group Yum! Brands (which includes KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell), retailers such as Metro, Aldi and Rewe, and many international hotel chains. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation participated in the campaigns against Wyndham, Best Western, Hilton and Marriott, among others.

The milestone of more than 100 global cage-free commitments shows that the animal protection movement around the world is picking up steam, working together and scoring successes for animals everywhere. Millions of hens worldwide are benefiting from the cage-free work of the Open Wing Alliance alone – the alliance comprising 78 animal protection organizations from 63 countries. And you are contributing as well: by signing our petitions, sharing posts, sending emails to decision-makers, participating in our street campaigns, or otherwise supporting our work. Together, we can accomplish that cages will be abolished worldwide.