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Vegan Taste Week

Vegan Taste WeekIn November 2014, we launched the Vegan Taste Week (VTW) – a website and newsletter program that encourages people to try a (more) plant-based diet. People who sign up for the newsletter get an e-mail per day for seven days with recipes, tips and background information. After this first week, they get one additional newsletter every month.

The newsletter e-mails include links to two surveys so we can collect feedback and get an idea of the dietary change we helped create. We use the feedback (along with the opening and click rates) to continuously improve the program.

We use several channels to gain sign-ups for the Vegan Taste Week:

  • the Pig Mobile Tour,
  • our local groups,
  • our (free) Google Grants ads budget of $40,000 per month,
  • website pop-ups,
  • our leaflets,
  • our Facebook page.

In 2015, 49,293 people signed up for the Vegan Taste Week and in the first eight months of 2016, 39,187 people signed up (all of these are net values: we only count e-mail addresses we can successfully send e-mails to, and we subtract unsubscribers). We are breaking these numbers down according to different channels.

We are very satisfied with our opening and click rates: The first one of the initial seven e-mails is opened by 62 % of the recipients and the last one, still by 39 %. Click rates are around 20 % on average (baseline: all recipients). The goal is to achieve even higher engagement rates.

The initial results of our surveys are also very promising:

  • 50 % of the respondents who were not vegan at the start of the VTW said they ate “completely vegan” or “mostly vegan” during the week. An additional 33 % claimed they ate “vegan somewhat more often”.
  • Of the people who had already thought about going vegan (but did not do so) before the VTW, 56 % felt “rather assured” to do so and 24 % felt “completely assured” to do so.
  • Of the people who had not thought about going vegan before the VTW, 79 % said they will eat “vegan more often” and 11 % said they will eat “completely vegan” in the future.

After evaluating the second survey, we will be able to say more about the potential longer-term effects of the VTW. We plan to publish our results and learnings from the evaluation design in order to share them with the animal protection community and to get additional feedback.

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