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Consumer outreach

Consumer outreach
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We help consumers to implement healthy and animal friendly changes into their diets.

Pig Mobile Tour

See our campaign.

Vegan Taste Week (VTW)

See our campaign.

Moving boards

When we looked for ways to potentially multiply the impact of our Pig Mobile tour and to have a more cost-effective concept that anybody can use anywhere, we found that using moving boards is a great way to stand out to passers-by and to start short conversations with them.

Our team (excluding local volunteers) had 51 days of action with moving boards, so far, in 2016, won 10,428 sign-ups for the Vegan Taste Week and handed out 18,490 leaflets.

Movement building: local groups

We work with volunteers all across Germany who form local groups. These groups set up information booths and/or put on moving boards to proactively talk to passers-by. Their main goal is to convince people to sign up for the Vegan Taste Week.

In 2015, we were able to grow the net number of local groups by 7 and in 2016, we increased it by another 7 during the first eight months, now totalling 37 groups.

Our website shows the local groups and an activity calendar (most activities take place from spring to fall). In 2015, our groups did 307 assignments, won 8,383 sign-ups for the Vegan Taste Week and handed out about 70,000 leaflets (we do not have an exact number here because of changes in our ordering process). In the first eight months of 2016, they did 242 assignments, achieved 8,318 sign-ups for the Vegan Taste Week and handed out 68,900 leaflets. Assignments sometimes have other goals such as generating media reach and joining protests.

We did a lot of groundwork in this area in 2015 (and some in 2016) that we expect to lead to large increases in efficiency in the future.


Our brochure “Even if you like meat …” focuses on the why and how of dietary change and advises readers to sign up for the Vegan Taste Week. In 2015, we distributed 444,533 brochures and in 2016, we have distributed 311,340 brochures, so far (with one major push coming later this year). These are our total numbers – the numbers above are breakdowns of some of our channels. One additional main channel are orders by activists who pay to cover costs for printing, handling and shipping.

Testing pay-per-view

We wanted to find out how well pay-per-view concepts might work in Germany and did a five-day tour where we offered people € 1 to watch a three-minute video. While we did get some great feedback, we had a hard time attracting large numbers of people to watch the video.

In 2016, we decided to partner with Animal Equality and to use their virtual reality concept “iAnimal”. The new technology attracts people automatically (without having to offer money), and anecdotal evidence is strong that people have a much more intense experience compared to watching a 2D video. We bought two complete high-quality VR sets (phones and headsets) plus two VR headsets in 2016. Our local groups will now test them. Depending on our success, we will invest more.

Carnival of Cultures Berlin

The Carnival of Cultures is a huge event in Berlin that includes a big parade through the city which is broadcasted live on local TV. Our volunteers and we are a part of it every year and use it for leafleting, spreading a positive vegan message, and getting media coverage (potentially reaching one million people each year). Here is a slideshow of the event in 2015.

Vegan Summer Festival Berlin

The Vegan Summer Festival is co-hosted every year by VEBU, Berlin Vegan and Albert Schweitzer Foundation. It runs for three days and attracted 55,000 visitors in 2015 and 60,000 visitors in 2016.

High school visits

In 2015, we visited five high schools with our Pig Mobile and reached around 750 teenage students. We did video screenings, discussion groups and vegan cooking classes with all of them and received great feedback. Costs were quite low because an organization that brings global issues to high schools did a lot of background work to make this happen. A bonus was that a conservative politician scandalized the fact that some students told the local media that they would stop eating meat. That led to a discussion about the fact that pro-factory-farming groups often visit schools.

In 2016, we reached around 750 teenage students in four high schools with our Pig Mobile.

Weekly newsletter

Our weekly newsletter reached 100,000 subscribers in August 2016. It covers a variety of animal protection and related topics. We use a mixture of factual and emotional contents. Opening rates are 27.8 % on average and click rates are 19.8 % on average (baseline: all recipients).

The newsletter serves a variety of purposes that are hard to quantify: We have anecdotal evidence that it plays a role in dietary change and lowering recidivism rates. It also helps keeping parts of the animal-friendly community well informed and to make them use correct information in their outreach (we fact check our articles thoroughly). It also helps with fundraising.

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