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Pig Mobile
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Our Pig Mobile visits Germany’s largest cities. Our team and volunteers talk to thousands of passers-by each day, hand out hundreds of leaflets and win hundreds of people to sign up for the Vegan Taste Week.

Besides handing out leaflets and getting sign-ups, the tour has several great side effects:

  • Since we are running demonstrations, German law allows us to choose where we run them. We choose the most highly frequented streets in Germany. That way, tens of thousands of people see the Pig Mobile and its message (“Try vegan – for the animals, for the environment, for your health – vegan-taste-week.de”) every day.
  • The local media often writes positive articles with pictures about us. Sometimes we are on local TV.
  • We use our e-mail list to inform potential activists about our visits to their cities. That way we meet many people who later get involved in our local groups.

The Pig Mobile has had 618 days of action so far. We have handed out almost 750.000 leaflets and over 180.000 people (net value) have signed up for the Vegan Taste Week. pig mobile

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