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Success: Wyndham No Longer Serves Cage Eggs

Press release

With »Wyndham Hotels and Resorts« and »Wyndham Destinations«, two further heavyweights in the hotel industry have decided to give up cage eggs. The decision had been preceded by a global campaign run by the Open Wing Alliance – a union of approximately 70 animal protection and animal rights organizations from all over the world. In Germany, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation had successfully put the management under pressure with online campaigns and a petition. Within four days, more than 20,000 people had signed the petition.

The Wyndham companies will meet the Open Wing Alliance’s requirements and, from 2025 onwards, will only use eggs from cage-free hens at all their locations. The requirements also apply to processed products containing eggs. The relatively long transition period is due to the fact that in some countries outside of the EU it is still difficult to obtain cage-free eggs and egg products. In the USA, »Wyndham Destinations« will already implement the cage-free standards by 2020.

»Wyndham has finally decided to take the right step,« says Jonas Becker, campaign leader for the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. »Cage farming is ethically unacceptable and therefore a phase-out model. Almost all major hotel chains have by now committed themselves to cage-free standards, including Marriott, Hilton, Best Western and Deutsche Hospitality. As a result, they are establishing new minimum requirements in the industry. For companies wishing to join the commitment, our corporate outreach team is happy to offer advice and support«.

Back in 2017, Wyndham, then known as »Wyndham Worldwide«, had already committed itself to becoming cage-free by 2018. After the split into »Wyndham Hotels and Resorts« and »Wyndham Destinations«, however, the promise silently disappeared from the corporate websites. Since discussions failed, the animal protection and animal rights organizations of the Open Wing Alliance saw themselves forced to act, and started the world-wide campaign.

The Open Wing Alliance pursues the goal of abolishing cage farming of hens. Many national and international companies, among them McDonald’s, Nestlé and Ikea, already support this goal. Cage farming is cruel because the animals can hardly move and suffer from social stress in the cramped confinements. Cage systems for laying hens will be banned from 2025 in Germany, but not in many other countries. In the form of processed products, cage eggs will continue to reach Germany.

The official commitment by »Wyndham Hotels and Resorts« can be found on this website. »Wyndham Destinations’« commitment is available here.