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Marriott Renounces Cage Eggs

Only two days after the launch of an international campaign against Marriott, the world’s largest hotel chain has announced that it will no longer use eggs from caged hens. We organized the campaign together with about 60 other animal protection groups of the Open Wing Alliance.

Gradual Change

The company has made an official commitment to gradually switch to cage-free housing systems by 2025 and to publish annual progress reports. This period seems long at first, but it is realistic: In a number of countries in the world it is still difficult to obtain cage-free eggs and egg products altogether. In Germany and some other countries, Marriott has not been using cage eggs for some time.

With 30 brands and 6,700 hotels, Marriott is the largest hotel chain in the world. Before the campaign, Marriott had not shown any willingness to talk, but then quickly gave in.

Petition and Street Actions all Over the World

People all over the world called on the company on December 6, 2018, with street campaigns to completely abandon eggs from caged hens. The campaign also included an international online petition signed by over 12,500 people on our site within 1.5 days.

In Berlin, we carried out a campaign in front of the Marriott Hotel on Potsdamer Platz. After the management in the USA had decided to fulfill the animal protection requirement, a pleasant situation arose: In front of the company’s headquarters in the USA, employees supplied the demonstrators with vegan sandwiches and hot drinks, while the management formulated the statement.

We are very pleased to have contributed to this worldwide success and expect all hotel chains to follow suit soon. If necessary, we will not hesitate to use campaigns like this to support our efforts.

Our thanks go out to everyone who signed our petition. Above all, we would also like to thank all the activists who have planned and carried out actions all over the world. In our slideshow you can see photos of our action in Berlin: