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Vegan and Meat Reduction Projects With Companies

The number of people who follow a somewhat or exclusively vegan lifestyle depends to a large extent on how easy or difficult it is to exclude animal products. This is why we cooperate with companies, provide suggestions on how they can expand and improve their range of vegan products.

In 2015, we launched a website partly dedicated to this specific issue. Lebensmittel-Fortschritt (»food progress«) is aimed at decision-makers in the food industry. On this website, we report above all on the measures that various companies have taken regarding their vegan products and provide suggestions concerning various potential courses of action. We also distribute a monthly newsletter covering all the latest trends and developments.

Additionally, we aim to work with companies towards reducing the amounts of animal products they buy.

More and more companies are including »veganism« in their CSR strategy – and with good reason. After all, hardly any other CSR measure has a more powerful and positive impact than expanding the range of vegan products: it’s good for the environment (fewer greenhouse gases, lower land and water consumption); it’s good for human health (the amount of meat consumed today is twice the maximum level recommended by the German Nutrition Society); and it’s good for animals (even if most companies are not vegan per se, the overwhelming consensus is that factory farming can be ended only if the consumption of animal products is reduced). And it makes sense from an economic perspective, too, for companies to expand and improve their range of vegan products because the market is growing quickly and continuously. Companies that recognize this early on will gain that all-important edge.

It’s no wonder that companies are showing tremendous interest in working with us.

Some examples of successful projects