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International expansion

International expansion
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In 2016, we started planning our international expansion. Eastern Europe looks very promising to us because it has a similar legal and cultural framework compared to Germany. Average wages are lower and it is relatively low-cost to run Facebook ads there (if we decide to do that). We are starting our expansion with Poland because of proximity, size, and economical and political stability. It is also a country where many German food businesses are active (chance of extending policies). Last but not least, Poland has a very active yet underfunded grassroots movement with few organizations with paid staffers. All of this makes it look ideal to invest and to learn how to internationalize.

Our biggest focus will be on bringing our food business work to Poland. We will also launch a Polish version of the Vegan Taste Week. We are planning to hire our first staffers in early 2017. Depending on how successful we are and how steep our learning curve is, we will keep on expanding to countries where we think we can help animals in the best and most cost-effective ways.

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