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International Expansion

We see great prospects in bringing our most successful projects and campaigns to other countries and adapt them to the respective local situations – together with the expertise of our international colleagues. In order not to let the complexity of our internationalization become too high, we focus on our work with and against food companies.

Fundacja Alberta Schweitzera in Poland

Our first organization abroad, Fundacja Alberta Schweitzera, is primarily responsible for making a significant contribution to ensuring that the food industry raises its animal welfare standards and meets the commitments made. In addition, we are taking first steps to promote the reduction of animal products. The primary goal of our corporate outreach team was to end the practice of keeping laying hens in cages. We have also started with convincing companies to join the European Chicken Commitment: With this, we will have the chance to significantly raise the low standards for broiler chickens in the next few years. Associated with these reforms are price increases for products affected and, depending on the extent of the price increases, this could lead to these products being purchased less.

Where possible, we try to join forces with other animal advocacy groups in Poland. Together with our colleagues from Otwarte Klatki (»Open Cages«) we are part of the international coalition Open Wing Alliance, where we unite to tackle broiler chicken and laying hen issues. We have secured forty public statements from food business companies committing to banning the use of cage eggs. Additionally, we have cooperated with Otwarte Klatki on publishing the first vegan retail ranking in Poland to motivate supermarkets to expand their vegan product ranges.

Furthermore, we have founded an alliance with Polish groups Viva and Compassion in World Farming Polska to end the sale of live carps. The latest companies that have ended this practice are wholesale company Selgros, and retailers Kaufland and Carrefour.

Beyond the foundation’s focus on corporate outreach, the team has also established a Polish version of the Vegan Taste Week, an online program that aims to raise people’s interest in a more plant-based diet.

Further internationalization

We will continue to internationalize our work with and against companies and expand into countries where our presence brings significant added value to the movement. Our focus will remain on corporate outreach with the aim of raising animal welfare standards in the supply chain, especially in regards to laying hens, broiler chickens and fish.