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Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela has been quoted as saying, “Vision without action is merely daydreaming”. Here, we would like to outline our vision and the strategy we pursue to make this vision a reality. While our vision is all about long-term objectives, our strategy focuses on realising our objectives in the near future.


As defined in our mission statement, our long-term goal is to end factory farming and to promote the spread of the vegan lifestyle – and to achieve this also by taking intermediate steps to reduce the number of animal products. Ending the exploitation of animals in the agri-food sector and actively embodying the concept of a “Reverence for Life” are to become the new norms.

But this vision can only become a reality step by step. Since long-term trends and developments are difficult to accurately predict, our strategy focuses on the next three – relatively easily predictable – years. We are constantly changing and refining our strategy in line with not only extraneous circumstances, but also our own opportunities and findings while never losing sight of our vision.

Strategy – the four pillars

Our strategy is based on four pillars that help us on the path towards realising our vision.


Companies – especially those operating in the food industry – have an enormous influence on the number of “farm animals” that are bred and the conditions they are kept in. To drive change in this area, our team launches campaigns aimed at getting companies to not only stop selling products that are the result of particularly cruel processes such as battery-cage eggs, foie gras and lobster meat, but also to extend and improve their vegan range of products. We also present retailers and producers with viable alternatives, for example by submitting a paper on alternatives to debeaking or by producing priority lists of practicable animal protection demands.


The launch of class action in several German federal states has opened up whole new opportunities and possibilities when it comes to animal protection. We utilise these by providing organisations capable of bringing legal proceedings with the legal and financial support of our Board. We also adopt clear and specific positions regarding the formulation of legislation.


Consumers, too, wield considerable power. To reach as many people as possible and successfully make them reconsider their choices, we launched the Pig Mobile Tour and the Vegan Taste Week. Our endeavours in this area benefit from tremendous voluntary support through our local groups.

Working with Multipliers

The word “multipliers” refers primarily to the media and to politicians. We also include other highly influential persons and groups. Our press office provides journalists with important background information as well as the latest news and information concerning animal protection and animal rights. We assert our influence on the world of politics by organizing petitions, taking part in conferences and engaging in direct dialogue. We also network intensively with influential people and groups, especially in the fields of research and agriculture. Here, we aim to promote – among other things – cross-fertilisation between scientific research and our practical work and vegan alternatives to conventional agriculture (especially right now with biocyclic-vegan farming).

Strategy – the basis

We strengthen our four pillars as follows:

Learning and well-functioning structures

We see ourselves as an organisation that never stops learning – not only in our everyday work and through sharing information with others, but also at an institutional level through targeted personnel and knowledge management (including further training and lessons learned). By continuously updating our project management standards and evaluating our projects, we ensure that the quality of our work is constantly improved and enhanced. Internal and external transparency, the continuous improvement of our in-house communication and a clear distribution of roles ensure that our team can focus on what’s important and work effectively.


The continued growth of the donations and regular financial contributions entrusted to us is also essential for expanding the number and reach of our projects and for driving ever greater change.

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