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Logo Albert Schweitzer Foundation

Mission Statement

Albert Schweitzer’s fundamental maxim—Reverence for Life—is also the guiding philosophy behind the work of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation.

Our commitment is to focus on the single greatest source of pain and death for animals: the use of animals and animal products as a food source. In well developed and affluent countries, a healthy diet does not require the death and suffering of animals for the production of food, which is why we promote plant-based diets as the most ethical solution. Spreading veganism is a lengthy process most realistically reached and sustained through interim steps, including the reduction of meat consumption. Since the use of animals as a food source is not likely to end in the near future, we strive to reduce the suffering of the animals being raised, kept and killed for the sake of food production..

To maximize the impact of our work, we develop high-leverage campaigns on the basis of scientific findings and data. Our campaigns cover various areas – from targeting the food industry to supplying information to consumers to addressing law and politics. In all these areas, we take viable steps towards a more respectful treatment of animals and make it easier for our alleged opponents to leave behind their old patterns of behavior. Since it is impossible for one single foundation to achieve these goals by itself, we cooperate with organizations that pursue compatible goals.

We are a heterogeneous team with members that come from various backgrounds. Each person brings unique experiences and personality traits that complement each other and help us all reach our full potential. Our work is made possible through donations, which we consider investments of people eager to create the greatest possible change in our treatment of farmed animals. This is why we strive for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Our goal is to achieve a more respectful treatment of animals and, ultimately, all life.

Also internally we strive to implement Schweitzer’s maxim by living and promoting a working world full of mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation.

Albert Schweitzer Foundation is an independent, incorporated foundation under civil law. It is not a government agency nor a college or university. It is also neither owned nor operated by the government.