Albert Schweitzer taught and exercised compassion towards all beings. The foundation is committed to his maxims and will act as an advocate for our fellow creatures.

Recent Accomplishments

2012 in the Numbers »

A summary of the biggest accomplishments of 2012. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation is ready for 2013!

More German Supermarket Chains End Lobster Sales »

Good news for lobsters: Joining the majority of all German discount retailers, two full-range supermarket chains have also decided to end lobster sales as well.

Wholesale Cash and Carry Businesses Go Cage-Free »

Success: We convinced several wholesale cash and carry businesses to discontinue selling cage eggs and will thus improve the lives of two million laying hens.

Time for Truth Tour »

The beginning of October saw the start of our new educational tour exposing the cruelty of factory farms and helping people facilitate the switch to a more plant-based diet.