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Welfare Standards in the Aquaculture Industry

Our goal is to raise standards in the aquaculture industry. Within a short period of time, we managed to get most relevant stakeholders on board.

International Expansion

In 2017, we started our international expansion. We see great prospects in bringing our campaigns to other countries.

European Chicken Commitment

The Chicken Commitment raises welfare standards for broiler chickens. This will result in less animal suffering and fewer slaughtered animals.


The Pecking Order: Fast-Food Chains Investigated

What standards do fast-food chains in Germany implement for chicken farming? And what has changed since our last report in 2022?

Vegan Taste Week in Heidelberg

After Vegan Taste Week, the Heidelberg student service organization is now expanding its meat- and fish-free menu.

Chicken Commitment Continues to Grow

Three more companies are set to raise their animal welfare standards in line with the European Chicken Commitment.

ECC: ECF and Hirschburger on Board

European Convenience Food GmbH will implement the criteria of the Commitment across its entire product range.