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Sander Implements European Chicken Commitment

The Sander Group (Ger: Sander Gruppe) is committed to raising animal welfare standards for broiler chickens by 2024. This makes Sander the first German food service company to implement the European Chicken Commitment. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation has launched this initiative together with almost 30 further animal protection groups with the aim of improving the conditions under which broiler chickens are kept.

A lower stocking density, sufficient daylight, more enrichment – the criteria of the Broiler Chicken Campaign are considerably more stringent than those required by German animal welfare law. The food producer and catering service provider Sander will implement them by the end of 2024. The company will thus complete the transition two years earlier than required by the initiative.

»We are delighted that Sander is taking this important step, thereby sending a groundbreaking signal to the whole branch. We are confident that other food producers will follow this positive example«, says Mahi Klosterhalfen, CEO & President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, who is very pleased with the family-owned company’s commitment.

Sander’s commitment is not limited to Europe: The company states that it also supports the US Chicken Commitment criteria in North America. Sander is also investigating whether and how higher broiler chicken standards could be applied to further regions on an international level. »Quality, origin and good animal husbandry play an important role in the raw ingredients we use«, explains Peter Sander, Managing Partner of the Sander Group. »Our high standards are, of course, continuously being developed. This is why we are the first German food service company to support the European Chicken Commitment. We are already in dialogue with our suppliers in order to be able to finish implementing the requirements by the end of 2024.«

For more information about the European Chicken Commitment and a list of all its requirements click here.