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We would now like to give you a brief introduction to the different divisions within our foundation as well as our 33-strong team in Berlin. To find out more about our Polish team, click here.

Management & Administration | COO and Knowledge and Quality Management | Communications | Street and Information Campaigns | Animals and Animal Welfare | Corporate Outreach | Other Team Members

Refer to our organisational chart to find out how our divisions are positioned in relation to each other.

Management & Administration

In collaboration with the Board and in consultation with the Chief Operating Officer and division managers, the management is responsible for defining the general strategic alignment of our foundation. It is also responsible for a range of other aspects such as finances (including growth) and engages in intensive dialogue with the food retailing industry. The associated »Administration and IT« department is responsible for the foundation’s administrative tasks.

COO and Knowledge and Quality Management

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is in charge of the foundation’s knowledge and quality processes as well as for reporting. He is also responsible for personnel management and networking with representatives from, above all, the fields of research and politics.

The associated “Knowledge and Quality Management” department is responsible for fundamental knowledge work, defining quality-related working standards in areas such as project management and evaluates the foundation’s work for quality purposes.


Our Communications team is responsible for media relations and handles enquiries from press representatives and private individuals.

Street and Information Campaigns

The Street and Information Campaigns team is responsible for not only the Vegan Taste Week and Pig Mobile Tour but also all other street-based campaigning, actions and events (demos, information stands, festivals). The team also develops and supports our action groups.

Animals and Animal Welfare

Our Animals and Animal Welfare team is responsible for conducting extensive research activities and compiling the underlying facts and figures relating to all aspects of the work performed by the team. This ensures that the animal welfare activities performed throughout our foundation are always based on sound, properly researched knowledge and data.

Corporate Outreach

The Corporate Outreach team is responsible for entering into negotiations and dialogue with food industry companies with a view to raising animal welfare standards in the supply chain as well as expanding and improving vegan product ranges.


Animal Charity Evaluaters

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