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We would now like to give you a brief introduction to the different divisions within our foundation as well as our 33-strong team in Berlin. To find out more about our Polish team, click here.

Management & AdministrationCommunications | Campaigns | Animals and Animal Welfare | Corporate Outreach | Internationalization

Refer to our organisational chart to find out how our divisions are positioned in relation to each other.

Management & Administration

In collaboration with the board and in consultation with the team, the President defines and implements the general strategic alignment of our foundation. Assistance to the CEO & Administration, Human Resources, Financial Management, Fundraising, and IT as well as the Directors of the other teams all report directly to the President.




Our Communications team is responsible for media relations and handles enquiries from press representatives and private individuals.


Our Campaigns team initiates and coordinates the foundation’s campaigns. Its current focus is on the European Broiler Ask and on the international cage-free initiative as well as on consumer outreach campaigns. We are also active on the legal and political levels. Our volunteer management and the support of our local groups are also part of our work.

Corporate Outreach

The Corporate Outreach team is specifically responsible for negotiating with food industry companies to raise animal welfare standards in the supply chain as well as to expand and improve vegan product ranges.


Our Director of Internationalization is responsible for our Polish daughter organization Fundacja Alberta Schweitzera as well as our further expansion abroad. In our international work we focus on negotiations with and campaigns against companies in the food industry. We aim to raise animal welfare standards in the supply chain, to increase the availability of plant-based food and reduce the use of animal products.

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