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Albert Schweitzer with animals © Deutsches Albert Schweitzer Zentrum

The attorney Wolfgang Schindler founded the charitable Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contemporaries in 2000 as a politically and ideologically independent animal protection organization. The foundation is financed through earnings we yield from the foundation’s capital as well as from donations. The foundation received its name from Rhena Schweitzer, Albert Schweitzer’s daughter.

It is our mission to relieve as much suffering as possible. For this reason, we are particularly committed to helping farmed animals. Every year, more than 60 billion animals are kept and killed under unthinkable conditions in order to maiximize profits. Support for these animals is therefore the most pertinent task we can address.

We are working hard toward improving conditions in animal husbandry and reducing animal overbreeding. In addition, we stand for the ideas of vegetarianism and veganism since no form of commercial animal husbandry can solve the ethical problem of unnecessary killing.

You can find more information about our work in the campaign section. Our achievements show that we are on the right path – even if we still have a long way to go. This is why it is essential to join forces with other animal protection organizations. You can find an overview of our international partners here.

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Board of Directors

Mahi Klosterhalfen
Rolf Hohensee
Hans-Georg Kluge

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Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Erich Gräßer
Dr. Markus Keller
Dr. Christoph Maisack
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Hinrich Sambraus
Dr. Kurt Schmidinger

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