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Vegan Guide for Bakeries

Vegan baking is super easy and worthwhile – the new Vegan Guide for Bakeries, a recent publication by the Albert Schweitzer Foundation in cooperation with master baker and pastry chef Thomas Backenstos from the Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Südwest e. V. (Academy of the baker’s trade in Southwest Germany), shows just how simple it can be. Containing many practical tips and tricks and tried and tested recipes, the publication was created for professional bakers in Germany that would like to offer more options free from animal products and make their treats more sustainable.

More and more people are reducing their consumption of animal products. The demand for entirely plant-based baked goods is increasing accordingly. However, more often than not, pastries contain eggs, butter, milk, honey and other ingredients that come from animals. The Vegan Guide for Bakeries describes in detail which ingredients can be used alternatively and provides several recipes along with that. Additionally, bakeries can find valuable tips for marketing vegan products as well as some inspiring real-life examples from colleagues. The most important arguments for a vegan diet top off the informative, comprehensive package. The digital booklet will be distributed to several thousand bakeries in Germany.

You can download the guide as a PDF here (in German).