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New Organizational Structure

In the past years we have assembled many different approaches and competencies under the roof of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. In the years following our founding in 2000, our founder Wolfgang Schindler carried out scattered projects which he funded himself. Together with Mahi Klosterhalfen he slowly built up the foundation. Towards the end of the last decade and the beginning of the new, the primary focus of our efforts had become so-called livestock and we had established four pillars as the foundation of our work: businesses, consumers, law and politics.

In the last years we have further developed our internal organizational structure: We created a science ressort which later turned into Knowledge and Quality Management as well as the department Animals and Animal Welfare. We transformed our strategic pillar »Politics« into »Multipliers«, allowing us to reach even more target groups. Our internal organizational structure thus became more complex and working methods more varied which resulted in the split of our management position into a management level with a president and a chief operating officer so that complexity and diversity of our work could be handled more efficiently.

This structure presented us with advantages and disadvantages. We were able to rely on a wide scope of expertise and thus tackle many different issues. However, this also resulted in rather complex and complicated processes, which became necessary to consolidate all our various approaches and activities. In the end, management and the executive board felt that the disadvantages proved to be predominant. Much consideration was put into the possibility of creating a spin-off foundation to create a separate space for Knowledge and Quality Management and Animals and Animal Welfare. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a solution in this regard, which means that the collaboration with our valued colleagues will now come to an end.

Many thanks to our departing employees

We want to thank our departing colleagues for their tireless efforts, their support and their extraordinary commitment and wish them nothing but the best for all their future endeavors.