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InfraServ Gendorf signs up to Plant Potential

Press release

The catering service for InfraServ Gendorf has become the first company to join Plant Potential. This initiative was launched by the Albert Schweitzer Foundation in 2022 and provides comprehensive support for companies in their efforts to reduce the level of animal products in their supply chains and so meet future demand.

InfraServ Gendorf will integrate a full vegan meal in the menu every day by the end of 2024. The company catering service is aiming to significantly reduce the amount of animal products in its meals. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation will help the company in various ways such as choosing appropriate meals, communicating the offer to the employees and deciding how the dish is presented at the food service area.

By reducing the level of animal products it serves, the company catering service for InfraServ Gendorf wants to promote the health of its workforce and do its bit to protect the environment. Christian Wieser, head of Catering & Services, outlines another motivation behind this change: »Given the rapidly growing number of students who eat plant-based during their studies, it is strategically important for us to expand our range of plant-based dishes. Today’s students will potentially be tomorrow’s guests at our canteens in their future working lives.« To boost customer satisfaction, InfraServ Gendorf will also provide proper training for the relevant personnel, partner with suppliers from the region and roll out effective marketing strategies.

Robin Rader from the Albert Schweitzer Foundation will provide InfraServ Gendorf with all the guidance it needs: »Animal products will become much less relevant over the coming years, which is why companies have to act quickly and start offering innovative and compelling concepts for plant-based nutrition. I am delighted that InfraServ Gendorf has signed up to our Plant Potential initiative and is keen to play an active role in shaping this transition.«

The Plant Potential initiative is the first of its kind in Germany in this form. Read more about the initiative here:

The company catering service for InfraServ Gendorf provides food and drink for employees and guests of Bavaria’s biggest chemical park, serving around 1,000 people every day.