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First German Producer to Raise Broiler Standards

Press release

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation welcomes Frisch-Geflügel Claus (»Fresh Poultry Claus«) as the first German poultry producer to join the European Chicken Commitment. The company from Lower Saxony will implement the criteria of the commitment in its own facilities and with all its suppliers by 2026. In doing so, Frisch-Geflügel Claus will contribute to the lasting improvement of animal welfare standards for chickens reared for meat.

»We are delighted about the commitment made by Frisch-Geflügel Claus, which is not only an important signal to the entire industry, but will also convince other companies to join us,« says Mahi Klosterhalfen, President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. »Companies from all sectors already support the European Chicken Commitment, from producers to wholesalers to the catering industry. This shows that there is no getting around higher animal welfare standards«.

Stefan Claus, Managing Director of Frisch-Geflügel Claus GmbH, emphasized that as a poultry supplier, it is his duty to deal with animal welfare issues and contribute to improving the conditions under which chickens are being kept.

Around 250 companies worldwide support the commitment

In total, around 250 companies from the USA and Europe have already committed themselves to raising their animal welfare standards according to the European Chicken Commitment. Among them are large corporations such as Nestlé, Unilever and Dr. Oetker, top caterers such as Sodexo and the Compass Group, Iglo’s parent company Nomad Foods, the wholesaler Transgourmet, but also Ikea and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Find out more about the European Chicken Commitment here.