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Chicken Commitment: Two New Members

In a few years’ time, Dortmund’s student service organization will be offering only chicken meat that fulfills the requirements of the European Chicken Commitment. The Dortmund organization is now the sixteenth student service organization to join the commitment. Like the other fifteen, it will implement the commitment’s standards across the entire range of products in all its canteens and cafeterias. Compliance will be monitored by independent third parties.

The wholesaler Intergast has also joined the European Chicken Commitment and will establish a range of products that meets the requirements by 2026 at the latest. The company’s compliance will also be ensured by independent third parties.

The European Chicken Commitment

In Germany alone, more than 600 million chickens are raised for their meat and killed every year—that is more than 80% of all slaughtered land animals. Most of these animals grow so fast that they can barely stand on their feet. The dismal and cramped environment of the sheds adds to their suffering. To alleviate this, we have joined forces with 29 other European animal protection groups to launch the European Chicken Commitment. This commitment primarily requires its members to reduce the overbreeding of animals in their supply chains and to provide more space, light and variety in the sheds. Another important requirement is for less stressful stunning before slaughter.