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Chicken Commitment: Four New Sign-Ups

We are delighted to welcome four new additions to the European Chicken Commitment:

Evonik Catering Services GmbH runs the in-house catering facilities for Evonik, Germany’s third-biggest chemical company, at its 19 company restaurants at 13 locations throughout Germany. MAN Catering provides catering services for MAN Truck & Bus SE. From 2026 at the latest, both companies will serve only chicken meat that meets the standards of the European Chicken Commitment.

During the transition period, they will publish regular progress reports and have their compliance with the standards monitored through independent inspections. Read their voluntary commitments here:

Hardy Remagen GmbH & Co. KG has also joined the European Chicken Commitment. By 2026 at the latest, the meat and sausage producer will implement the requirements of the initiative for all the chicken meat that it purchases.

The Frankfurt (Oder) student service organization, too, is doing its bit to raise the standard of conditions in which so-called broiler chickens are kept. As it says on the website of the student service organization: »By signing up to the European Chicken Commitment, we want to send a clear signal regarding our own demand for ECC-compliant chicken meat and ensure planning certainty for producers and suppliers«.

Read the commitments here:

These four new sign-ups from the production and catering sectors clearly demonstrate that the welfare of animals in supply chains is playing an ever more vital role for more and more companies.

The European Chicken Commitment

In Germany alone, more than 600 million chickens are raised for their meat and killed every year—that is more than 80% of all slaughtered land animals. Most of these animals grow so fast that they can barely stand on their feet. The dismal and cramped environment of the sheds adds to their suffering. To alleviate this, we have joined forces with other European animal protection groups to launch the European Chicken Commitment, which now has 37 members. This commitment primarily requires its signatories to reduce the overbreeding of animals in their supply chains and to provide more space, light and variety in the sheds. Another important requirement is for less stressful stunning before slaughter.