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3 More Companies Have Joined Commitment

Since the beginning of May, three more companies have joined the European Chicken Commitment:

The Plukon Group, one of Europe’s leading poultry producers, joined the Commitment in May and is already offering meat that fulfills its requirements. Producers like the Plukon Group play a key role, ensuring that the other more than 300 companies which have joined the Commitment are able to purchase chicken meat that meets our increased criteria. By doing so, they help to establish higher standards in the industry.

In June, food delivery service HelloFresh followed suit. The company offers so-called »cooking boxes« for consumers: packages containing pre-prepared ingredients and matching recipes. With their decision to join the Commitment, HelloFresh is helping to reduce the suffering of millions of chickens. Every month, the market leader delivers several million boxes to twelve countries. HelloFresh will have completed the transition to the standards of the Commitment by 2026.

As the latest addition, we welcome frozen food specialist Hanna Feinkost to the Commitment. This company will also apply the criteria to its entire range of home brands for the European market by 2026.

In total, more than 300 companies worldwide have already committed themselves to raising their animal welfare standards in accordance with the European Chicken Commitment. These include Nestlé, Unilever and Dr. Oetker, top caterers such as Sodexo and the Compass Group, but also Ikea and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Find out more about the European Chicken Commitment here.

The company’s official statements can be found here (in German): Plukon Group / HelloFresh / Hanna Feinkost