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We Are a 2020 Top Charity

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) is dedicated to finding and promoting the most effective ways to help animals. One way ACE does so is by evaluating organizations in order to find those that are able to do the most good with additional donations.

This year, out of 105 organizations from all over the world ACE took an exploratory look at the 22 most promising ones, then reviewed twelve of them comprehensively. Ten organizations made ACE’s final list of recommended charities but only four were awarded the title Top Charity ‒ among them Albert Schweitzer Foundation. This is the third time in a row we were selected for the Top Charity category. Prior to that we held the Standout Charity title for four years.

ACE’s Seven Evaluation Criteria

Animal Charity Evaluators uses seven criteria when reviewing animal advocacy organizations:

  • Does the charity engage in programs that seem likely to be highly impactful?
  • Does the charity have room for more funding and concrete plans for growth?
  • Does the charity possess a strong track record of success?
  • Does the charity operate cost-effectively, according to our best estimates?
  • Does the charity identify areas of success and failure and respond appropriately?
  • Does the charity have strong leadership and a well-developed strategic vision?
  • Does the charity have a healthy culture and a sustainable structure?

The review casts light on every organization’s individual strengths and weaknesses which can be very informative.

Our strengths and weaknesses

ACE states that we work highly effectively with (and partly against) companies to increase the availability of animal-free products and to improve the welfare standards for farmed animals. ACE particularly emphasizes that we are committed to chickens and fish, who suffer in large numbers for the food industry but are hardly represented by anyone else. ACE also praises our thorough strategic planning.

However, according to ACE our cost effectiveness seems slightly lower than that of the other charities doing similar work.

ACE sees great potential in our Polish foundation, the Fundacja Alberta Schweitzera, to strengthen the European animal welfare movement. But they would also like to see more autonomy for the Polish team.

We are very happy that ACE recommends us again as one of the most recommendable animal protection organizations of the world!

You can find ACE’s detailed review of our foundation and our work here.

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