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2 New Supporters of the Chicken Commitment

We are excited about the two new signatories of the Chicken Commitment: in future, the restaurant chain L’Osteria will only be offering chicken meat that meets the requirements of the commitment. Food producer Vossko will also gradually expand its range in line with the commitment’s stricter criteria.

The owner-operated family business Vossko already decided to join the Chicken Commitment and promote higher animal welfare standards in February. Together with customers and suppliers, the producer is in the process of implementing the criteria of the commitment by 2026 at the latest. You can read Vossko’s statement of support here.

As part of an integrated sustainability strategy, L’Osteria is also raising its animal welfare standards: for all of its 150 locations in Europe, the Italian restaurant chain will only be using meat from chickens that fulfills the criteria of the commitment by 2026 at the latest. You can find the commitment of the company here.

About the European Chicken Commitment

The European Chicken Commitment was initiated by the Albert Schweitzer Foundation and 29 other European animal protection groups. One main focus is to prevent overbreeding: usually, chickens raised for meat grow so fast and vastly, that their bones and organs cannot keep up. Signatories commit themselves to reduce overbreeding. Also, they have to provide for more space, light, and diversions for the animals. The commitment furthermore prohibits for the animals to be hung upside down prior to slaughter.

Among the more than 540 companies that have agreed to raising their animal welfare standards in accordance with the requirements of the European Chicken Commitment are groups like Nestlé and Unilever, top caterers like Sodexo, producers such as Rügenwalder Mühle, and restaurant chains like Ikea and Kentucky Fried Chicken as well as supermarkets and discounters of the German retailing industry such as Aldi, Norma, Globus and Tegut.