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Wholesale Cash and Carry Businesses Go Cage-Free

For the past several months, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation has been engaged in constructive conversations with the German wholesale cash and carry sector to discuss going cage-free on shell eggs. We are proud to announce that several wholesale cash and carry businesses have now decided to discontinue selling cage eggs.

Cash and Carry Businesses Are Going Cage-Free © Ornitolog82 –
It has been a long time since all major supermarket chains in Germany have decided to take that step. But it is a different story in the wholesale sector: here, it is common to use cage eggs since colony cages are still legal in Germany and imports of eggs from hens kept in EU enriched cages are also possible. Therefore, our most recent success is indeed a breakthrough: German companies Metro, Fegro/Selgros, Handelshof, Peter Mattfeld & Sohn as well as Edeka C&C have gone cage-free on shell eggs.

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation estimates that more than two million laying hens a year will benefit from this move.

President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, Wolfgang Schindler, comments: “I hope that our Minister of Agriculture understands the message we’re sending and is going to implement the final ban of battery cages in Germany. The currently discussed interim periods to phase out colony cage systems by 2029 should be out of the question. Nobody needs cage eggs.”

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