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We would now like to give you a brief introduction to the different divisions within our foundation as well as our 34-strong team.

Management & Administration

In consultation with the Board of Directors and the Directors, the Department for Management & Administration is responsible for defining the strategic alignment and objectives of our foundation. Mahi Klosterhalfen also engages in dialogue with the food retailing industry.


Our Communications team is responsible for media relations and handles enquiries from press representatives and private individuals.

Corporate Outreach

The Corporate Outreach team runs campaigns aimed at ending the use of battery cages. The team also engages in dialogue with companies to encourage them to expand and improve their range of vegan products.

Street and Information Campaigns

Street and Information Campaigns include not only the Vegan Taste Week and Pig Mobile Tour but also all other street-based campaigning, actions and events (demos, information stands, festivals). This team is also responsible for expanding and supporting our local groups.

Scientific Department

Our Scientific Department is responsible for researching data and facts, writing articles and material and evaluating projects above all in terms of their effectiveness. The team is also responsible for much of our networking with other organizations and institutions.

Team Poland

In Poland we founded the Fundacja Alberta Schweitzera (Albert Schweitzer Foundation) to establish our corporate campaigns as well as the Vegan Taste Week there.

Animal Charity Evaluaters